Either way, you now have the opportunity to be tutored well. You will be tutored by experts and passionate adherents to the classical schools of music and its arts by students and teachers who laid the groundwork for their own education at some of the finest music schools in Maine and New York. Some of these teachers are well practiced musicians in their own right, gracing reception halls at those very same famous schools and music centers from around the world.

Some of the best teachers have been self-taught, but such methodologies are rare among the world’s finest musicians who have all received excellent tuition from music masters. Part of the ability to be self-taught comes from an interest in other arts, such as literature and painting that only helps to broaden the mind. Today, you nevertheless have a wonderful opportunity to receive self taught piano lessons if that is your forte or interest. Today, you will be benefiting from a great repertoire of knowledge and experience.

Some teachers were child prodigies and were taught their musical repertoire from a young age. Three of the finest American schools of music are Nasson College in Maine, The Berkeley Music School and the world famous Juilliard School of Music in New York. Still in New York lies the famous Metropolitan Opera House, from which many iconic movie scenes have also been shot. The Metropolitan Opera House, of course, has been the venue for many of the famous operas and violin, piano and orchestral concertos known only to classical music lovers such as yourself. One of the most famous operas of all time is Verdi’s Rigoletto.